Where I am going to buy my next bike from

by George Pastidis

The lockdown got over in France two weeks ago and the weather was sunny and beautiful. Perfect timing for getting back to my biking habit. I jumped on my Orbea trekking bike and I headed to Verrières, a nice forest up on a hill only 4 km from my place. Few hundreds of meters before I reach my destination, I realized that I got a flat tyre. Never was a handy man. I walked the bike back and the very next day, I took it to the shop for fixing it. Same shop I had bought the bike from a year back read more…

2 thoughts on “Where I am going to buy my next bike from

  1. Dear George….I agree with your post 100%…it seems to me that most of the businesses don’t realise the the real relationship with the customer beggings after they close the sale.
    And they do not prepare for it…..

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