Remote or in-person sales trainings next?

by George Pastidis

It’s quite few wins that we could and should celebrate in our team but one that I am particularly proud of is the speed with we managed seamlessly, smoothly, efficiently and effectively to switch over night from in-person to remote trainings when we entered the Covid era. Kudos to us and kudos to our training vendors. Our experience, adaptability, creativity and problem-solving skills met with technology and the result was awesome. We continued making our learners happy. We continued seeing our learners’ behaviors changing. We continued having learners sharing testimonials about the business impact they see in the sales trainings provided read more…

“Quiet quitting”? Really?

by George Pastidis

Quiet quitters make up at least 50% of the U.S. workforce, the Gallup research finds and the LinkedIn editor Yessi Bello Perez LinkedIn defines “quiet quitting” as follows: “is about rejecting the notion that work has to take over one’s life and that employees should go above and beyond what their job descriptions entail. According to Metro, this can take many forms – including turning down projects based on interest, refusing to answer work messages outside of working hours or simply feeling less invested in the role.” read more…

The Sales Transformation: Relating sales leadership through short stories with George Pastidis

Consalia, interested in learning how to further develop the sales industry and connecting with Sales leaders to spread key knowledge to their audience, has Sales Transformation podcasts on a weekly basis. Dr Philip Squire spoke this week with George Pastidis about storytelling and his book “90 Short Stories for Better Businessread more…

You may listen to the podcast:


The Power of Skill

by George Pastidis

Five months ago, I started having in the gym I go to, personal boxing sessions in an effort to somehow wake up my body, improve my fitness and lose the weight I had gained during Covid. It worked. On top of those payoffs, I am having fun. I love it. A week back, I had my first after holidays practice and an interesting conversation with my coach read more…

Wimbledon mindgames

by George Pastidis

We witnessed an extremely interesting tennis match last evening. On one hand very spectacular with two athletes demonstrating their high level of tennis skills and intelligence and on the other hand disappointing, seeing two athletes competing in being rude and an audience loving and often encouraging these disgraceful behaviors of both read more…

Maybe there’s some purpose

by George Pastidis

I was in a panel interview some months back and I heard the candidate speaking about having a purpose in his job. Of course, I remained polite, treating this person with respect but deep inside me, I didn’t appreciate that. I thought that it was too much. It’s often that I hear corporate people in general or even sales enablement practitioners speaking about having a purpose. But purpose for me is something way bigger, something way higher read more…

One Big Don’t of Selling

by George Pastidis

Social media is a powerful tool for sellers. They get to know better and easier their prospects. They understand their customers’ organizations in general and the individuals in particular. They see what they like, what subject they’re active about, whom they connect with, their opinions and appetite for business, how they like to engage with people. Social media can warm up your cold calls. But social media is another double-edged sword that if you don’t use right, it can hurt you big time read more…

Be like detective Wallander or not?

by George Pastidis

I am watching these days the Netflix crime series Young Wallander based on Henning Mankell’s fictional inspector Kurt Wallander. Now speaking, the superb novelist Henning Mankell is unfortunately dead and his beloved iconic hero Kurt Wallander reached the later stages of dementia long ago. Netflix revived him, diving in his youth and the start of his career as a recently graduated young detective read more…

Future of Work Conference

Future of Work Conference, Athens 23 March 2022

Age bias: How to deal with mature employees – panel discussion

Together with Eirini, Petros and Michalis, three great professionals who happen to be old friends and partners, we had the opportunity to identify the major issue of age bias at work and discuss how we can tackle this, making our younger employees feeling safe to age and the mature ones eager to support the development of the younger ones, leveraging on their own remarkable experience and engagement.

You may find here the recording of the panel discussion.