About Me

This is an effort to communicate with good friends, old customers, partners and colleagues.
This is an open and sincere effort to express my thoughts and feelings and exchange valuable insights about sales that I love and I am dedicated in.
This is nothing but an effort to talk and breath sales.

After all, No Sales…No Business…

George Pastidis, Assoc CIPD
Paris, 20 June, 2014


George is a graduate in Economics and Business Administration from Elon University N.C, USA. He worked for more than ten years in Athens as a sales management senio r executive for major multinational companies in the telecoms industry such as Wind, Alcatel, Motorola and Vodafone.There he gained wide experience and deep understanding of the challenges of sales and account management of all kinds – business, consumer, consultative, transactional – in a fast-developing and increasingly competitive environment. The last years he headed the Training Business Unit of ICAP Group, licensee of Huthwaite International in south-eastern Europe and he actively participated in the implementation of Huthwaite’s sales academies and projects in this territory. Fluent in English, George had been highly regarded by his clients as an excellent sales consultant, trainer and coach in many of the key Huthwaite performance improvement solutions and he is a regular guest key-note speaker in major sales conferences. George joined Ericsson in 2013. Based in France, he was first the Learning & Development Consultant in Region Mediterranean and then in the Market Area Europe & Latin America, leading Sales & Pre-sales learning programs. On April 1st, 2018, George was appointed Head of Sales Enablement Programs for Ericsson Group. He is Assoc CIPD, having been awarded the Advanced Level Coaching & Mentoring Certification. George is motivated, above all, by a passion to help people apply the right skills to produce increased revenue, better margins and stronger customer relationships.

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