Scouts provide a benchmark: Be Prepared

by George Pastidis

My home country Greece is living a nightmare. Last week’s wild fires, killed 88 people and many more are missing, making everybody believe that the number of victims will end up being a three digit one. Sheer tragedy that left us with many question marks. Were we prepared? Was there a plan? If yes, could the plan be applied better? Should they have asked for an evacuation way earlier? Should the Greek government claim responsibility instead of making up excuses? Would things turn out to be different if every one of us was more responsible in the past? read more…

2 thoughts on “Scouts provide a benchmark: Be Prepared

  1. Very nicely written! I forwarded it to my husband who is a very engaged scout leader.

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    > 30 juli 2018 kl. 19:01 skrev George Pastidis :

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