What are you gonna read this summer?

Please do not freak out. I know that reading sales books on vacation is far from ideal. Would probably be way more fun to deep dive in some Jo Nesbo crime novel or check out Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s latest book The Labyrinth of Spirits. Those are definitely a better match to sandy beaches lay-outs. But you may have some time to kill in the plane while you have not totally disconnected yet. Maybe it is the right time to catch up with your learning that is left behind due to the recent work load. Perhaps you feel like you have gaps that you need to fill in and questions that you must answer. The books I recommend are fab. Some of them are master-pieces that pioneered and shaped up sales for decades. Some others are in the edge of today’s sales research. But all of them have one common denominator: they are sales books that are worth reading.


Happy summer reading

Summer is here and we are ready for holidays. Are we?

I wrote this piece two years ago…but once again the timing is right and it is worth to reblog the post. Have lovely vacation and come back with your batteries recharged!!

George Pastidis

Having a first, quick view of things, we could reply: Ready!

It is very possible that we had a fabulous first half and we are on target. July is probably not the best month to go after customers. After all, customers had a rough first half too and we all deserve to chill out a little. Some of them are already on holidays and we make our summer plans too, being in a big dilemma among Sardinia, Corsica and Santorini. Only 3 weeks left and August will come and we will hit the road!! read more…

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