Grab your customer’s attention

by George Pastidis

One of my favorite authors is the crime novelist Jo Nesbo whose I must have read every book he has written. When he released his last book “The Kingdom”, I got it on my kindle right away. I made some time to start reading it about a month ago. This book though was going unexpectedly slow and so was going my reading. Had quite a hard time to engage in. Three weeks later, I had gone through 15% of the book and I was still bored to death. I got in touch with a friend who is also a Nesbo fan and I knew he had read it already to understand if it gets any better. His answer was: Yes, it does get better but slowly. I gave it another good chance but when I was 25% through being totally disengaged still, I gave up read more…

4 thoughts on “Grab your customer’s attention

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