Why networking matters to me

by George Pastidis

I had great time during holidays. I did lots of things with family and friends, visiting my home town, Athens. Among the highlights of my holidays were a reunion with former colleagues and friends from a mobile operator I worked for 25 years back, an old-school (literally and metaphorically) party with my friends from my elementary school and several get-togethers with friends from my Scout group. Not to mention tens of one-on-ones with buddies from my youth. A friend noticed those interactions of mine and he said to me that I am way too nostalgic. This feedback got me start thinking. Is there something wrong with me? Why I like so much staying connected with the past? Does this mean maybe that I have no life now? I did not go to see a therapist. But I did try to give my self some explanations, some answers read more…

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