No people, no sales. No sales, no business.

by George Pastidis

I had the luck, pleasure and honor to actively participate and speak yesterday, 6 June 2017, in the Conversations That Win Sales Conference that was hosted by Corporate Visions and Association Professional Sales (APS) and took place in my birth-city London that despite the recent insane, coward terrorist attack never stops being a shining city. read more…


6 thoughts on “No people, no sales. No sales, no business.

  1. Congratulations George! Simple to the point! Hopefully Owners, Directors, Managers, generally more and more working people will start understanding although I am a little pessimistic.

    • Thanks for your input Nick. I am optimstic 🙂 It is up to us. When we go around complaining that we canot sell because we are more expensive than others, we dig in our own graves.

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