Talent versus Skills: which one you value more?

by George Pastidis

Last Saturday, I was struggling to finish a challenging 22km run in the rain. I was desperately looking for something to focus on, so I can stop thinking to give it up. I remembered that a friend had asked me to write about the eternal dilemma: Talent vs Skills. My mind travelled 30 years back in 1987, when the National Basketball team of Greece won the Eurobasket Cup which must be the biggest sports achievement of my country. Perhaps because it is the very first one in team sports read more…

4 thoughts on “Talent versus Skills: which one you value more?

  1. Καλημέρα Γιώργο☺!

    Ωραίο το άρθρο!

    Είδες τι προσφέρει το τρέξιμο. Χρόνο για σκέψη και περισυλλογή!!!


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