e-Learning or Traditional Training?

by George Pastidis

Any breakthrough technology is usually followed by super-optimistic statements bragging about the upcoming e-dreams, technophobic laggards that are terrified and resist like crazy and at last a fair compromise and good balance between the technological “miracles” and the ones that are really useful and make sense. read more…

7 thoughts on “e-Learning or Traditional Training?

  1. Excellent post, George!!! As someone who has used a mixture of methods as both a learner and a trainer, I totally agree that e-learning and traditional learning are just methods (someone could even argue tools), that should be approached, understood and applied in a broader context of educational and learning methodology.
    I feel like highlighting your “when-why-how” approach by adding that when choosing a mix of e-learning and traditional learning methods it’s also quite important to choose the right one (as always, of course), in order to have the right balance for a given group under given circumstances and context.

    • I do agree with Michail Dim, there has to be balance for a given group.Physical presence of a teacher shall help and motivate a child for effective learning on certain topics.e-learning could be helpful on revision of topics for reinforcement, refinement
      and ensure confident to do correctly.

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