Can we turn the Sellers & CRM relationship to a love story with happy end?

by George Pastidis

Who loves you baby?”  That was the favorite line of Kojak, performed by the famous Telly Savalas. Kojak loved asking this rhetoric question to good looking girls, for answering right away himself “I love ya baby, I love ya”. Well, no seller will ever tell Kojak’s line to CRM. Because no seller loves CRM. Because sales people dislike CRM big time. But why? Why sales people can’t stand something made for helping them? Why the typical picture in most of the sales organizations when it comes to CRM tools, is lack of engagement, not sufficient data input, outdated entries and seniors that are supposed to sponsor it being the lowest contributors? Why? read more…

6 thoughts on “Can we turn the Sellers & CRM relationship to a love story with happy end?

  1. Interesting however in my opinion there are 2 main reasons that sales people don’t see value on CRM and one Demotivator
    1. The information that Sales People are interested are usually absent fields on CRM (sales people personalize where CRMs are focusing mostly on the company)
    2. CRM = Desk workload (usually), Sales = On the road
    Plus the demotivator of having it in the appraisal

    Keep up writing G.

    Yiannis Gionis

    • Valid points Yiannis. Some of the issues you raise could probably be handled if sales people were
      seriously involved in the development of such tools.
      I particularly liked the portabilty aspect that I ahad not thought of.

  2. Thanks George
    I believe that never a seller will love CRM because the real love of a seller is the outgoing business life (networking, talking, communication, negotiating etc ☺) But I am sure that “CRM” could be the best place /”cozy nest”/scene of a love story ☺☺☺

    • Agree Argyris. Realistically speaking, they will never fall in love with. But things can get a lot better if they are involved in.
      Yannis Gionis made a good point saying tha portability matters for them.

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