Negotiations over a name can get quite complex

by George Pastidis

Negotiations is often a straightforward and quite predictable thing. You open a bit higher than what you want to get and using all possible negotiating levers, you land close to your initial target. Sometimes slightly higher, enjoying unexpected payoffs and some other times a little lower, estimating your losses and trying to make up those through skilled trade-offs read more…



Honored for being invited to participate in judging nominations to the
2018 Sales Excellence Awards of Greece, together with fine academics and top sales professionals. It is awesome managing to stay close to the Greek market despite the fact that I work and live thousands of miles away.

Is the price right?

by George Pastidis

You have met with all the key players of your customer. You understand the needs and “buying agenda” of every single one. You delivered a presentation with the technical part of your solution and you’ve got the buy in. You are at the point that you have to submit your proposal, including costs. But one question bugs you: is the price right? read more…

Mature leadership for a successful modern organization

by George Pastidis

Recently, I wrote on leadership, having in mind a specific non-profit organization that I am involved in since I was a kid. Today, thinking broader, I want to blog on leadership of a successful modern organization. After all, I really see no significant differences between profit and non-profit when it comes to the components needed for achieving success. read more…

Learning should start from within

by George Pastidis

The downsizing of major western corporations is the unfortunate result of today’s poor economic conditions, the shrinking market and the severe competition from Asia. The Growth KPI is replaced by Profitability and companies reduce drastically human costs. A top executive of a major telecom giant said recently “We need to take care of the ones leaving. But we also need to do something for the ones staying”. I loved this line. I particularly loved this line because us in Learning are among those that can do something for the ones staying. Can do a lot actually. We can help them to diversify themselves, develop skills, change behaviors, be more competent and get more competitive. read more…

Insource or outsource sales training?

by George Pastidis

I have a beloved uncle that I lived with when I was studying in the States long ago. He was a mechanical engineer before his retirement and when he was a student himself, he was earning his living working as a car mechanic. This together with being generally a handyman, allowed him to maintain and repair his cars on his own. He loved spending time on his cars and my motorcycle. It was a dream thing for me that I am never sure what is the right direction to loosen a screw and my pocket money was quite limited. read more…

Nice guy or respected trainer?

by George Pastidis

I believe this is a dilemma that many trainers often face, consciously or unconsciously. Be a nice guy, go with the flow, make the participants like you and in the end and give you high evaluations? Or challenge them, give them tough feedback, get them off their comfort zone and push them to learn? Tell, after the training, their management what they want to hear embellishing things or get transparent and give a frank view of the situation? read more…

Do they negotiate you, getting pigeons out of the magician’s hat?

by George Pastidis

Negotiations is not an easy thing. Never was. But today, the complexity of sales, the size of market’s pie that often shrinks, the competition that is severe and the rise of procurement make negotiations a real tough game. We all have heard that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. But playing back tough is neither enough nor always realistic. Sales people need to play smart and be prepared to anticipate read more…