Please do not hummm me no more

by George Pastidis

Some friends might be seeing me nagging for a second say in a row about the same thing. This is because I could not make time to blog about it yesterday and I rushed into making a brief post on facebook right after I ended a presentation I was attending. But let me take it from the beginning. read more…


APS on Sales Enablement – London, June 7, 2018

by George Pastidis

There is no doubt that Sales Enablement is a key factor for closing the gap between buyers and sellers, ensuring that everybody in the organization speaks the same sales language. Sales Enablement does and should impact every sales interaction. Then sellers are really enabled to bring the numbers. Association of Professional Sales (APS) brought together the Sales Enabling Community in London, for seeking out and sharing best practices and I had the chance to be there and participate in an insightful panel discussion with other Sales Enablement practitioners. read more…