Once upon a time in door-to-door encyclopedia sales

by George Pastidis

Every time I hear and see a professional seller wasting her time and her prospect’s time with dropping pointless features, despite the fact that she is familiar with all the necessary related sales research and models that have been talking about identifying and answering the customer needs for several decades, I cannot avoid remembering my very first sales experience and training I had, back in 1984 read more…


Defeat or tactical retreat?

by George Pastidis

I had imagined this post a lot different. Keeping a log of the running activity during my preparation for Paris Marathon, the idea was to write two stories where in parallel to the marathon prep, I would examine a key sales deal of a major account. That would give me the opportunity to discuss the similarities when it comes to successes, failures, drawbacks, restarts and in the very end, finishing the marathon and wining the deal read more…