Are you planning to host a business event?

by George Pastidis

The weather is nice, daylight lasts long, customers count days or weeks before their vacation and they all are in a pretty good mood. Perhaps it is the right time for a business event. A business event that takes an investment by you and your company, money, effort, energy and time wise. It would be really a pity not to maximize the return on such investment. But in order to achieve that, you need three things: Planning, Planning and Planning. read more…


Got a huge luggage full of brilliant stuff

by George Pastidis

It is Tuesday, 7 June, 19:35 and I am in Eurostar train, heading back home to Paris. I am dead meat. I had to wake up at 0400 in the morning for making the Annual Sales Conference, hosted by Association of Professional Sales, in London, a major event in the UK with more than 500 attendees. I usually travel light. Especially when I have day trips like this one. But today I have a huge luggage full of brilliant stuff. Full of information, knowledge and break through ideas about sales learning. read more…