“Customer is always right. Is he really?”

by George Pastidis

My mother used to have a small toyshop in our neighborhood for few decades. I was doing everything there. Playing, asking for pocket money when my mom was too busy to interrogate me, studying in the back of the shop, helping her from time to time, you name it. One line that I heard her telling me again and again was “customer is always right”. read more…


Top 10 worst negotiation tactics of 2015

Harvard Law School, one of the most reliable institutes when it comes to Negotiation research and training, announces the 2015 Golden Raspberries  in negotiation tactics. The Greek new government is the undisputed winner.


New Year resolutions on Key Account management

by George Pastidis

2016 is here. So is KPIs. Sales turnover, profit margin, order to cash, product mix, you name it, are here to be achieved. We are here too and we are achievers. Once again, we need to excel and outperform and the one and only way to make this happen is to reshuffle our cards, change, adapt, innovate, develop personally. When it comes to managing Key Accounts, this need is twice as big due to the undergoing changes in this area. read more…